Monday, November 15, 2010

“There is a story told about Socrates in which a brave young man supposedly asked, ‘Oh great Socrates, I came to you for knowledge. ‘Socrates led him down to the sea into waist deep water. ‘Tell me again what you want,’ he said. ‘Knowledge.’ Socrates pushed him down under water , holding there for 30 secs. ‘Know, what do you want,’ he said. the young man coughed and spluttered ‘Wisdom, oh great Socrates.’ Again Socrates held his head under water. And again he asked ‘What do you want?’ “Knowledge, oh wise and…’ he managed to spit out again before Socrates held him under again, this time even longer. What do you want?” repeated Socrates,. The younger man coughed and spluttered and gasped. ‘AIR! he shouted.’ I want air!’ socrates replied, ‘When You want knowledge as much as you want air, you’ll get knowledge’.

Bottom line: be passionate.

I have learned in Real Estate if Im going to get the highest sale price for owners in all areas Of Port Stephens, passion is the driving Force.