Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Real Estate market will take a plummet not only in Port Stephens, but Australia! Why? Because Real Estate is about activity and few people will be interested beyond their planned celebrations. Of course, Real Estate will kick on the day after Australia day and the buoyant market will continue.

If people aren’t interested in Real Estate today though, then it makes sense then that we ignore Real Estate and explore briefly what Australia day really means to Australians.

While Australia Day means social to some, help to others, celebrate to more and chillax to a few, I believe this day really does expose your true passion dwelling inside. I will finish with some inspirational quotes that sums up some of the good old Australian Spirit and a little bit of video humour for a good cause that sums up the Aussie humour. This is Chris Hasson, enjoy your Australia Day! and to Harlan, Claire, Stacey and all others getting their citizenship today…CONGRATULATIONS!