Sunday, February 13, 2011

“The echoing screams pierced our ears and brought home the horrible realisation of our decision. Did we give up too soon? Are you about to hit a brick wall or know someone who is going through a storm or feeling like giving up. STOP RIGHT NOW!”

This is my weekly rant where I leave the day to day of Real Estate transactions and discuss the Real Bricks and Mortar(excuse the pun) of this business and that is… decision making. Saving time and money and reducing costs,whether a buyer, seller, Real Estate owner or pretty much anyone, is about your decisions. This weekly rant is about empowering and inspiring you to make great decisions. I hope it helps in some small way.

Are You Finding You’ve Hit A Brick Wall?”

There’s a popular climbing destination, a mountain in the Switzerland Alps and every year people from all most parts of the planet take on the challenge and investment and are determined to climb it. It takes a full day to climb. About half way up this mountain is a popular rest house. It is a very cosy cedar cabin with a crackling, warm open fireplace that is both a soothing antiseptic for the defrosting from the chilling winds and a place for some much needed recovery. Most people stop here for lunch. Of course the lure of the warm fireplace, the joy of fellowship and a few drinks stops most people and only a few serious committed climbers each day depart the comfort lure of the lunch time break to make it to the summit. As these climbers leave the comfort of the lodge, they hear behind them the loud laughter of the celebrating climbers in the lodge.

But something both extremely strange and very interesting happens later on in the day. The mood changes in the lodge. People start contemplating about whether they should of continued on, what the view would look like from the top of the mountain and how the other climbers were going that persevered. Then it hits them hard!

They hear the shouts and echoing screams of joy from the  other climbers who have hit the top of the mountain. Are you aware there are four things that stops us reaching the top of the mountain. Fear stops us, comfort stops us, weariness stops us, and the status Quos stops us. If you have stalled in your dreams don’t give up…EVER!  The words of a wise man once said ” “perseverance is more important than talent”

I remember when I was chasing my dream of making a living out of surfing. I was going OK in surfing contests, had a little bit of financial assistance from sponsorship, but deep down I was frustrated and felt like giving up. I was making semi finals in amateur events but could not get into the final to have the string of wins needed to get the money to do the full professional tour. I found I always peaked at the quarter finals, with a spectacular performance, only to bomb just before the main event. It was the week leading up to the Regional Surfing titles. This was an important event for me and I was determined to progress all the way to qualify for the Australian Titles later that year. I had trained hard.

Of course, I got a very bad dose of the flu that week, and bed ridden, I kissed my chances of an Australian Titles qualification good bye. It was the night before the event and lying quite ill in bed and I remember saying to my self ” You have no pressure now, nothing to lose. In fact giving up will be the only possibility of losing.”

Of course I went on to win the event, continuing on to win then the Zone qualifiers, State qualifiers and after running through the Australian titles for much of the event as the favourite only to get 3rd in the Open final. This also led to a string of wins in smaller professional events.

So whats the lesson for me through this?

Whether you are in the process of selling your house, going through the difficulties associated with selling, running a business, relationships or work problems, perserverance is the key.

I read a really great quote on a friends Linked In sight today(Thanks Harlan) It read “success is a little bit like a turtle. You often don’t get anywhere until you stick your neck out.”

What difficulties are you dealing with at the moment. Financial, personal, spiritual, relational? The decisions you make will determine the level of out come you will ultimately achieve. In business and life, you are going in the right direction, or the wrong direction. Simple. Often two people working together find easy that which seems insurmountable to one alone. I hope your decisions are made a little easier today and this has inspired you to perservere, talk to someone or encourage someone today.

This is Chris Hasson, have a great week!

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Quote of The Day “Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live, as well as strong to think.Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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