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Easter Real Estate Report

by admin on April 22, 2011

Port Stephens Real Estate Always Heats Up at Easter

“While Most Port Stephens Real Estate Agents Are On Holidays I Get More Sales At Easter Than Any Time Of The Year”

It has been reported that this Easter 2011 has Port Stephens at 90% occupancy which means only one thing…more people in town. The population swells over 5 times its average and I am always amazed at why Port Stephens Real Estate agents don’t work on the Saturday of Easter doing open houses and housing inquiries for their owners. I do believe in time away from the office in real estate, especially on Easter Friday, Easter Sunday and Monday. As a real estate coach that is always in the constant pursuit of excellence I have found in all the the real estate training that I have done, the great quote by Peter Drucker “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently, that which should not be done at all” has never been more true. I see a lot of property agents with these Easter strategies like handing out chocolate Easter eggs. While that is a nice touch, our main focus as agents should be on utilising leverage opportunities. And while handing out eggs is a kind and thoughful thing to do, is it really focusing on the most important use of time in getting a sale at the very best price. I don’t think it is.

Port Stephens is a Resort area and such is very seasonal. So why not take Thursday off and relax instead of handing out Easter eggs and preparing for the holiday, then work Saturday, maximizing your clients opportunity to sell.

Many owners of properties for sale in the Nelson Bay and surrounding areas don’t realise that the average days on market here are 155 days. Why is it so long? There are a number of factors. If you want the detailed version of why and ways to save money and time by reducing your days on market please check out my report by clicking Port Stephens Real Estate Tips and Secrets. But in short,  there are only a limited number of buyers looking at one time in Port Stephens. It is not like the cities where there is always an abundance of buyers. Missing an opportunity can cost a fair bit of money in a softening market. I saw it in 2006 and am seeing it again now. Easter is a very big opportunity. The other opportunity at Easter is the Internet. The 2 main reasons a property hasn’t sold is 1. price 2. the agent. If the agent is communicating regularly, giving advice and you are investing in marketing, it is pretty obvious if you aren’t generating inspections AND offers. Your price is too high!

Ok, back to the Internet. What do you think people are doing at Easter who are looking at buying a property? Yes that’s right, they are on the Internet searching. So wouldn’t it make sense in your selling strategy to get your price adjusted, change the photos around and make the property look fresh as well as paying the small fee to Dominate the rankings online at the this most effective time in the buying process.  Of course having an open house, an advertisement and the agent being available for inspections and discussing property is very powerful in utilising this regional resort area selling model on top of the Internet strategy. Has your agent discussed this before Easter. if not, their may be a good chance the problem is not your price, bust the agent. Of course it could be both.

I’l finish with a very small Real Estate Easter story. While Easter with Christians is the remembrance of death on the cross and a story of forgiveness, Easter for others is a story of family and friends. What evever you believe, something is really important, and that’s the ability to listen. There is a story of a doctor working in the cancer ward that had tremendous success. He was asked what the magic cure was. He said listening. He said he was  a very, very busy person in trying to help people survive cancer when he discovered something. People in incredible pain found great comfort in someone listening. Yes, just listening. If people cried he used to be tempted to quickly to give a solution, encouragement or hand a tissue. But that’s not what people really wanted. They wanted his time and his ears. As he did this, and stopped worrying about his busy schedule and high demands, something amazing started to happen. People started getting better around him. His further research lead to also discover that as he got better and better at listening, people dealing with cancer started naturally producing drugs to the equivalent of heroin and the alkalinity of peoples bodies started to increase. The increase in alkalinity improves energy and rebuilds cells. We have been wired naturally to feel good when people listen.

Listen to your self, listen to your purpose, listen to your friends and listen to your customers. Listen to your employees and employers and listen to your agent. What are they really saying. Use Easter to get better at listening. It may just be more effective than you think.

Port Stephens Real Estate Quote of The day “I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant”

This is is Chris Hasson, God Bless at Easter.

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“A Real Estate Agent Survives The Unthinkable!”

Who would think a simple chat between a property seller and agent could lead to this…

This is breaking News and a true story. For the purpose of confidentiality, the agents name has been with held.  If you have young viewers, I suggest switching this off now.

In what seamed like a harmless meeting with a prospective elderly seller, our subject, a Port Stephens Real Estate Agent, was asked if he wanted a cup of tea while they talked business. Of course he agreed. After sitting down to discuss business, the first sip of this carefully loved brew of tea was consumed. It was hard to hide the strong distaste and this Real Estate Agents concentration was momentarily distracted as he swallowed mouthful after mouthful of what was soon to become folk law, as the worst cup of tea…ever.

Our Real Estate agent was saved half way through the cup of tea and business meeting with the distraction of this sellers dog. This was his opportunity. While the owner went outside to attend to her pet, our subject made his way haste fully and with stealth to the kitchen sink to dispose of this most uncomfortable experience. Of course, full credit must go to the professionalism of this agent as he kept going with his meeting despite his very serious distraction.

The owner returned and the meeting was finalised.

On returning to the office, this Agent had a sudden and unexpected call from the seller. “Are you feeling alright?” she asked.

“Yes, why?” responded our gallant agent.

“Well…You know that cup of tea I made you. Did it taste…a little…off?” asked the seller.

“Yes. It did…why…what happened” asked the agent.

“Well, I have a confession to make. Each year, I use a hot water bottle to warm my dog, as he really feels the cold. In order to save on water, I reuse the hot water from the bottle and poor back into the kettle and reheat each day. The water from last winters hot water bottle was still in the bottle and not long before you arrived, as the weather had got colder suddenly, I decided to poor the water from the hot water bottle, back into the jug. I put the jug on and not long after this, you knocked on the door and I forgot the water in the jug was from the hot water bottle. And of course, the rest is history. I’m soooo sorry.”

Our brave Real Estate Agent drank a cup of tea with hot water bottle water that had been heated and reheated repeatedly over 2 years and sat dormant inside the hot water bottle. A cup of tea would never taste the same again. If you have had or heard of bad experience with food or drink at someone else’s home, please share in the comments below.


“I Sold 10 Properties in 10 Days”

by admin on April 11, 2011

Chris Hasson continues to follow on with his success and his prestigious Chairmans Club Award with a string of 10 sales. He attributes this to helping owners make a logical decision about whether to adjust their price, add value to their property quickly and cost effectively or to increase the marketing exposure.

10 Properties Sold in Port Stephens In 10 Days

Real Estate Testimonial

A recent quote from a satified seller at 16 Navala Avenue for $550,000 sums up the reason for Chris’s constant high level of success:

“My husband was very ill with cancer. We couldn’t believe the level of care and understanding Chris brought to the table through the sale of our home. You are a true professional”

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A Story Of Motivation

by admin on April 8, 2011

Motivation has been often described as intrinsic but an interesting argument finds a case for extrinsic causes. The reward and punishment technique used for motivation has proven within relationships, children employees and consumers to be the more restrictive than motivating. Interestingly, 3 main cause and effects appear to be linked to motivation. 1. Autonomy 2. Mastery 3. Purpose

Assist in the development of these with people around you and people you are intrusted with ie children or employees and watch motivation sky rocket. Watch this video I found on a friend and Real Estate coaches website that explains. very interesting.

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Quote of The Day “Remember that very little is needed to make a happy life.” Marcus Aurelius

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Family Holiday Cruise Part 1….

by admin on April 1, 2011

It was great to leave the hard work of selling lots of properties to enjoy a cruise with my family. These are the highlights, part 1…

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