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Real Estate Training Shocking Truth

Discovered In Real Estate Training “Intelligent Design And The Butterfly Effect Helps You Make More Money In Real Estate”

Real Estate Training

Real Estate Training Helps Your Agent Understand The Butterfly Effect Properly And Avoids Under Selling Your Home

I often teach agents that quality is not an accident and if they want to develop a business that has people calling them wanting to do business, it is about doing all the little things right.

So in Real Estate Training I often refer back to the butterfly effect.

“What On Earth Is The Butterfly Effect?”

In Real Estate training The Butterfly Effect is referring to the little things that add up to create a massive outcome.

It was discovered by a weather expert by the name of Lorenz who reduced weather patterns into a series of formulas that in turn predicted the weather.

One day Lorenz got a bit lazy and decided to take a short cut and rounded off the data he put in from .123456 to .123 thinking the 1/1000 of a decimal point wouldn’t make much of a difference in the predictions the computer printed out.

How wrong he was.

It made a huge difference! The tiny change of input had made a massive change in output and has been described as “sensitive dependence on initial conditions, or The Butterfly Effect.

A butterfly moving its wings on one side of the world(the .0001 of wind pressure) and tiny change of downward wind pressure on one side of the world had the power to transform the weather conditions on the other side of the world.

How The Butterfly Effect Will Help You Make Money In Real Estate

The smallest of input can make massive differences in output in anything you do but lets look at Real Estate.  For Example these tiny outputs from an agent make all the difference to the end result:

Real Estate Agent

  1. Being on time to appointments
  2. Reviewing the price and marketing weekly for the first 4 weeks
  3. Doing 10 prospecting calls before 10
  4. Doing an hour of exercise per day
  5. Writing a to do list every day
  6. Writing their goals out twice a day
  7. Decluttering once a month
  8. Having buyers categorized into price ranges on their database for quick access
  9. Doing regular training (once a month)
  10. Having a  real estate coach

An agent who is doing all these things can reap huge dividends for you as a seller and the Butterfly Effect from activities that you may deam not super relevent will stagger you.

Just like the small changes in the formula for weather  input produces massive changes in output , so to will small input changes in Real Estate create massive differences in output.

This simple but powerful principle from My Real Estate Training Manual has helped thousands of people to success in Real estate transactions, whether buyers, sellers, or Real Estate Agents.

How often have you seen a for sale sign up with one agent and another gets the property and it is sold instantly. That is no accident.

In my Real Estate training I have also discovered the butterfly effect can pay huge dividends for buyers if they buy the right property.

How Intelligent Design Can Make You Money When You Buy Property

Certain properties are more suited to certain demographics and geographical areas attract certain buyers based on the lifestyle that area provides.

For example Port Stephens attracts a lot of “Empty Nesters” looking to downsize and do a bit of travelling.

They want quality and preferably a view and they would like a separate living area with guest accommodation for family and friends who they have moved away from.

As this is a final property move before they move into a retirement home, they would like to be able to live on one level and not have to negotiate stairs.

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These are usually not accessible to the general public. A property that has all these benefits in an area like Port Stephens would be classified as Intelligent Design.

I’ll finish my Real Estate training today with a movie that showcases some Intelligent Design for the Port Stephens area, have a great day!


7 The Magnus Nelson Bay Port Stephens

by admin on August 11, 2011

Are Port Stephens Property Values Dropping?

Port Stephens property prices have dropped,  so when is the best time to buy?

Port stephens property The question on every ones lips is should I wait or buy.

Uncertainty is a killer in the property market and Port Stephens, being a resort area can be the hardest hit in tough times


Because Port Stephens property prices are governed by supply and demand.

When a lot of investors bail out at once it puts supply pressures on the market as there are more properties to choose from.

So is it a good time to buy now?

Port Stephens Property Prices Have Bottomed And That Is Great News Because?

With an adjustment of prices comes new buyers with more balanced books.

A lot of the bad property debt has been bought out in Australia since the 2008 financial crisis.

Wise business peoples property philosophy is that when people are greedy, be fearful and when people are fearful be greedy. People are fearful so historically people will look back and say that this was great buying period.

Interest rates due to the worlds finance instability will come down yet our resources boom will keep our economy strong.

Take the example of the Port Stephens property below. Many apartments have been bought in this block for around $2 million, arguably the best units in Port Stephens. One 3 bedroom was sold last month for $1million and Port Stephens property below listed at $995,000.

Now is a great time to be buying Port Stephens property.