Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Vital Real Estate Key…Communication(Part1)

by admin on September 6, 2011

Why Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent Is Vital?

Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars…

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The Vital Real Estate Key Is Communication And Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent Is Easier Than You Think

Real estate agentThe ability of a real estate agent to communicate with others will attribute to 85% of success. And with 80% of real estate agents achieving 20% of sales and 20% of real estate agents achieving 80% of sales, there has never been a more import important time to find a Real Estate agent that is a great communicator. With trust being the glue that binds this industry together and trust built on good communication, understanding what good communication is will make you alot of money when you sell. Negotiating, the money end of the real estate transaction, involves communication as the sealant for a successful negotiation. There is a real need for a thorough understanding of what good communication looks like if you are going to choose the right Real Estate agent. i will spend a couple of posts covering good communication for you.

There are Three Parts To Communication

Aristotle separated communication into three parts:

  1. Ethos- The character of a person. Emerson once famously said “What you are shouts so load at me that Ireal estate agent can’t hear a word you are saying”. Character, believability, genuineness, is very very important. This is one of the most overlooked parts of communication by Real Estate agents. It takes years to build, changing mindsets, doing the right thing, thinking of others more than oneself. A person who has high character can say little but be incredibly influential. How much does your real estate agent talk about themselves, their success, their agency. A person of high character doesn’t need to do this.
  2. Pathos-Connecting with Emotion. I was with a surgeon and we were talking about my symptoms and he stopped the conversation and said “tell me where it hurts”. Pathos is connecting with the person. Great communicators care more about you than themselves. They ask lots of questions. They realize that people are carrying a heavy load. There was a great analogy I heard recently where someone said, if everyone took their problems and placed it in a pile and you could see the piles of others you would sneak shamelessly away with your petty problems into the night. When you tune into other peoples problems and concerns it is amazing how much better your life is. This is connecting. You trust someone so much more when you realize they have your best interest at heart.
  3. Logos-This is the factual part of the conversation. It is the least relevant yet most people in communicating spend all their time on this part. Talking about their goals, their holiday, their story or their product/service. Or they ask a question and when listening, are only listening in order to think of something factual and important to say that relates to what the other person is saying. Albert Marabian and his studies have discovered that words only account for 7%of the message with tone of voice 38%. Women have been proven to have a much richer inner life because of their communication skills. How many times have you heard a women say to you “It was not what you said…it was the way you said it.” Tone is much more important than what you say. Listening to yourself on video is a great way to analyse your tone. Try not to go up in tone at then end of each sentence. It is asking a question and refers to the listener that you really need their approval and as the old saying goes “show your seed, not your need”

Tomorrow we continue in the discovery of what good communication looks like. This is Chris Hasson, have a great day.