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by admin on September 7, 2011

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Listening Is A Vital Key To Good Communication

What Does Great Communication Look Like Part 2: “Listening”

“Great Real Estate Agents Understand Exceptional Listening Is A Vital Communication Skill”

ListeningLeornardo da Vinci astutely observed that the average person ”Looks without seeing, listens without hearing, touches without feeling, eats without tasting, moves without physical awareness, inhales without odour of fragrance, and talks without thinking’.

You see the world is divided into two types of people. Those of us who don’t know and those of us who don’t know that we don’t know.

“Why Listening Is so Crucial”

My aim in this series is to point out what great communication looks like, so when you are thinking of choosing an agent, you understand what to really look for when assessing who you are going to appoint. Most people choose the agent who gives an opinion of value closet to what their opinion of value is and/or the lowest fees. This is very, very dangerous.

Of all the aspects of communication, listening is by far the most important. I know that’s not good news, as it naturally feels better talking than it does listening. Think of someone you know who is NOT a good listener. Frustrating isn’t it? And how does that make you feel about that person.

Active listening, not just hearing is tiring. We aren’t taught it at school. A study by Paul Rankin found in a typical day the average person:

  • Listened 45% of the time
  • Spoke 30%
  • Read 16%
  • Wrote 9%

People are drawn to a good listener and if you are a real estate agent reading this I can’t emphasize enough to focus on thisListening skill if you want to accelerate your business and help more people. People who are poor listeners see listening as passive and there fore unproductive. Their ego gets in the way They feel as though they need to be talking in order to make an impact. I’m even surprised at the number of Real Estate coaches who haven’t mastered the skill of active listening, of connecting. It’s all about what they want to say not about what the subject really needs. I love this poem:

His  thoughts were slow,

His words were few,

And never made to glisten,

But he was a joy,

Where ever he went,

You should of heard him listen.

What Does Good Listening Look Like and How To Improve your Listening Skills

There is a major obstacle in effective listening. We think much faster than we talk.

  • We talk at 120-150 words per minute
  • We think at 600-800 words per minute

This means we tend to think of lots of other things other than what is being said(especially if the speaker is uninteresting). Some don’ts in good listening are:

  • Don’t talk over the top of the other person
  • Don’t finish the speakers sentences
  • Don’t Offer advice too soon
  • Don’t look away while the speaker is speaking

ListeningGood listeners when they are interupted bring the conversation back to where they were. “So what were you saying? Thats right, your…”

Good listeners look the speaker in the eyes and nod in a agreement when they are speaking.

Good listeners paraphrase to demonstrate they are empathetic. For example “Let me just clarify what you’re saying. You are really concered about the auction process because you see so many properties not selling and you haven’t got the money to lose. Is that right?”

In summary, people confuse hearing and listening. Hearing is a sensory activity. Listening is a psychological activity and is concerned with meaning and understanding from what’s being heard. Questions are the glue that binds listening skills together. Next post we will cover that all important skill of asking the right questions. Find  a real estate agent who is a good listener and you strike gold.

Until next time…keep listening :)


The Vital Real Estate Key…Communication(Part1)

by admin on September 6, 2011

Why Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent Is Vital?

Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars…

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The Vital Real Estate Key Is Communication And Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent Is Easier Than You Think

Real estate agentThe ability of a real estate agent to communicate with others will attribute to 85% of success. And with 80% of real estate agents achieving 20% of sales and 20% of real estate agents achieving 80% of sales, there has never been a more import important time to find a Real Estate agent that is a great communicator. With trust being the glue that binds this industry together and trust built on good communication, understanding what good communication is will make you alot of money when you sell. Negotiating, the money end of the real estate transaction, involves communication as the sealant for a successful negotiation. There is a real need for a thorough understanding of what good communication looks like if you are going to choose the right Real Estate agent. i will spend a couple of posts covering good communication for you.

There are Three Parts To Communication

Aristotle separated communication into three parts:

  1. Ethos- The character of a person. Emerson once famously said “What you are shouts so load at me that Ireal estate agent can’t hear a word you are saying”. Character, believability, genuineness, is very very important. This is one of the most overlooked parts of communication by Real Estate agents. It takes years to build, changing mindsets, doing the right thing, thinking of others more than oneself. A person who has high character can say little but be incredibly influential. How much does your real estate agent talk about themselves, their success, their agency. A person of high character doesn’t need to do this.
  2. Pathos-Connecting with Emotion. I was with a surgeon and we were talking about my symptoms and he stopped the conversation and said “tell me where it hurts”. Pathos is connecting with the person. Great communicators care more about you than themselves. They ask lots of questions. They realize that people are carrying a heavy load. There was a great analogy I heard recently where someone said, if everyone took their problems and placed it in a pile and you could see the piles of others you would sneak shamelessly away with your petty problems into the night. When you tune into other peoples problems and concerns it is amazing how much better your life is. This is connecting. You trust someone so much more when you realize they have your best interest at heart.
  3. Logos-This is the factual part of the conversation. It is the least relevant yet most people in communicating spend all their time on this part. Talking about their goals, their holiday, their story or their product/service. Or they ask a question and when listening, are only listening in order to think of something factual and important to say that relates to what the other person is saying. Albert Marabian and his studies have discovered that words only account for 7%of the message with tone of voice 38%. Women have been proven to have a much richer inner life because of their communication skills. How many times have you heard a women say to you “It was not what you said…it was the way you said it.” Tone is much more important than what you say. Listening to yourself on video is a great way to analyse your tone. Try not to go up in tone at then end of each sentence. It is asking a question and refers to the listener that you really need their approval and as the old saying goes “show your seed, not your need”

Tomorrow we continue in the discovery of what good communication looks like. This is Chris Hasson, have a great day.


Real Estate Training Shocking Truth

Discovered In Real Estate Training “Intelligent Design And The Butterfly Effect Helps You Make More Money In Real Estate”

Real Estate Training

Real Estate Training Helps Your Agent Understand The Butterfly Effect Properly And Avoids Under Selling Your Home

I often teach agents that quality is not an accident and if they want to develop a business that has people calling them wanting to do business, it is about doing all the little things right.

So in Real Estate Training I often refer back to the butterfly effect.

“What On Earth Is The Butterfly Effect?”

In Real Estate training The Butterfly Effect is referring to the little things that add up to create a massive outcome.

It was discovered by a weather expert by the name of Lorenz who reduced weather patterns into a series of formulas that in turn predicted the weather.

One day Lorenz got a bit lazy and decided to take a short cut and rounded off the data he put in from .123456 to .123 thinking the 1/1000 of a decimal point wouldn’t make much of a difference in the predictions the computer printed out.

How wrong he was.

It made a huge difference! The tiny change of input had made a massive change in output and has been described as “sensitive dependence on initial conditions, or The Butterfly Effect.

A butterfly moving its wings on one side of the world(the .0001 of wind pressure) and tiny change of downward wind pressure on one side of the world had the power to transform the weather conditions on the other side of the world.

How The Butterfly Effect Will Help You Make Money In Real Estate

The smallest of input can make massive differences in output in anything you do but lets look at Real Estate.  For Example these tiny outputs from an agent make all the difference to the end result:

Real Estate Agent

  1. Being on time to appointments
  2. Reviewing the price and marketing weekly for the first 4 weeks
  3. Doing 10 prospecting calls before 10
  4. Doing an hour of exercise per day
  5. Writing a to do list every day
  6. Writing their goals out twice a day
  7. Decluttering once a month
  8. Having buyers categorized into price ranges on their database for quick access
  9. Doing regular training (once a month)
  10. Having a  real estate coach

An agent who is doing all these things can reap huge dividends for you as a seller and the Butterfly Effect from activities that you may deam not super relevent will stagger you.

Just like the small changes in the formula for weather  input produces massive changes in output , so to will small input changes in Real Estate create massive differences in output.

This simple but powerful principle from My Real Estate Training Manual has helped thousands of people to success in Real estate transactions, whether buyers, sellers, or Real Estate Agents.

How often have you seen a for sale sign up with one agent and another gets the property and it is sold instantly. That is no accident.

In my Real Estate training I have also discovered the butterfly effect can pay huge dividends for buyers if they buy the right property.

How Intelligent Design Can Make You Money When You Buy Property

Certain properties are more suited to certain demographics and geographical areas attract certain buyers based on the lifestyle that area provides.

For example Port Stephens attracts a lot of “Empty Nesters” looking to downsize and do a bit of travelling.

They want quality and preferably a view and they would like a separate living area with guest accommodation for family and friends who they have moved away from.

As this is a final property move before they move into a retirement home, they would like to be able to live on one level and not have to negotiate stairs.

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These are usually not accessible to the general public. A property that has all these benefits in an area like Port Stephens would be classified as Intelligent Design.

I’ll finish my Real Estate training today with a movie that showcases some Intelligent Design for the Port Stephens area, have a great day!


Real Estate Friend Testimonials

by admin on May 29, 2011

Port Stephens Characters Discuss Real Estate Friend

These unsightly characters discuss Chris Hasson’s amazing Port Stephens real estate success, including selling 15 properties in the past month.

There is an old saying that success in real estate leaves clues.

The fact that Chris sold 15 properties in a month in a difficult market is a testimony to his large pool of buyers, exemplary systems and great support staff including his n01 executive assistant Claudia Tomkinson. These characters decided to get in on the action and share their excitement about Chris’s “Pursuit Of Excellence”.

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“Port Stephens Real Estate: Making Good Decisions”

Port Stephens Real Estate quote Of The day”Two sales people went to Africa. One came rang back home and said no one wears shoes, I’m coming home. The other rings back and says send me 1000 pairs of shoes, no one wears shoes!”

Vital but Hidden Key 3: Reading The Play. You ask any good negotiator and they will say the most important skill of a good real estate agent is the ability to negotiate. The best negotiators in the world are able to empathise very, very well. To read the play. The ability to see the good in a situation, not unlike the second sales person above is also an important ingredient in Reading The Play. Positivity. The last post I gave two vital keys to selling 15 properties in a month. The 3rd clue is the ability to read the play and always see the best of every situation. Intuition. It’s called instincts. Good negotiators are trained in it.