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Funny Real Estate Signs

by admin on October 21, 2013

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A Real Estate Agents Perspective

by admin on June 21, 2012

A Real Estate Agents Perspective

Sums up the Real Estate Agents Experience


Kids Sell Port Stephens Real Estate: Bloopers

This is a short clip of our children Olivia and Eden selling Port Stephens Real Estate

Some time ago, I did a Port Stephens Real Estate Online Marketing initiative where I had my children selling homes. I just found this collection of bloopers as I was cleaning the files of my computer.

They made me laugh, so I thought I would share.

Port Stephens Real Estate


Real Estate Friend Testimonials

by admin on May 29, 2011

Port Stephens Characters Discuss Real Estate Friend

These unsightly characters discuss Chris Hasson’s amazing Port Stephens real estate success, including selling 15 properties in the past month.

There is an old saying that success in real estate leaves clues.

The fact that Chris sold 15 properties in a month in a difficult market is a testimony to his large pool of buyers, exemplary systems and great support staff including his n01 executive assistant Claudia Tomkinson. These characters decided to get in on the action and share their excitement about Chris’s “Pursuit Of Excellence”.

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“A Real Estate Agent Survives The Unthinkable!”

Who would think a simple chat between a property seller and agent could lead to this…

This is breaking News and a true story. For the purpose of confidentiality, the agents name has been with held.  If you have young viewers, I suggest switching this off now.

In what seamed like a harmless meeting with a prospective elderly seller, our subject, a Port Stephens Real Estate Agent, was asked if he wanted a cup of tea while they talked business. Of course he agreed. After sitting down to discuss business, the first sip of this carefully loved brew of tea was consumed. It was hard to hide the strong distaste and this Real Estate Agents concentration was momentarily distracted as he swallowed mouthful after mouthful of what was soon to become folk law, as the worst cup of tea…ever.

Our Real Estate agent was saved half way through the cup of tea and business meeting with the distraction of this sellers dog. This was his opportunity. While the owner went outside to attend to her pet, our subject made his way haste fully and with stealth to the kitchen sink to dispose of this most uncomfortable experience. Of course, full credit must go to the professionalism of this agent as he kept going with his meeting despite his very serious distraction.

The owner returned and the meeting was finalised.

On returning to the office, this Agent had a sudden and unexpected call from the seller. “Are you feeling alright?” she asked.

“Yes, why?” responded our gallant agent.

“Well…You know that cup of tea I made you. Did it taste…a little…off?” asked the seller.

“Yes. It did…why…what happened” asked the agent.

“Well, I have a confession to make. Each year, I use a hot water bottle to warm my dog, as he really feels the cold. In order to save on water, I reuse the hot water from the bottle and poor back into the kettle and reheat each day. The water from last winters hot water bottle was still in the bottle and not long before you arrived, as the weather had got colder suddenly, I decided to poor the water from the hot water bottle, back into the jug. I put the jug on and not long after this, you knocked on the door and I forgot the water in the jug was from the hot water bottle. And of course, the rest is history. I’m soooo sorry.”

Our brave Real Estate Agent drank a cup of tea with hot water bottle water that had been heated and reheated repeatedly over 2 years and sat dormant inside the hot water bottle. A cup of tea would never taste the same again. If you have had or heard of bad experience with food or drink at someone else’s home, please share in the comments below.


Which Of These Houses Sold Recently?

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