“Do You Want To Make Great Decisions?”

by admin on June 10, 2012

Port Stephens Property Decision Making

How to Make Good Decisions

Making Good Decisions Is About The Process

This is how you make good decisions:

A high quality decision comes with a warrant: a guarantee. Not a guarantee of a certain outcome—remember this is the real world we’re talking about, and there are certain things that just aren’t knowable until after they happen—but a warranty that the process you used to arrive at a choice was a good one.
This level of confidence implies a process: a set of steps and rules that provide an assurance of thoroughness and rigor.

This means breaking decisions down into component parts and doing one thing at a time.

Unless you’re unlike most people, it is your nature to do what you know how to do and to avoid what you don’t. That’s why you want a rational decision process: To defeat the natural behaviors and tendencies that can lead to low quality decisions.
Without a process, you are likely to drag decisions into your comfort zone, handling “this one” in exactly the same way you handled “that one,” even though this one and that one may have little in common.

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