What’s Your Everest?

by admin on September 9, 2011

Everything Great Was Birthed In A Dream

Martin Luther didn’t say he had a goal, he said… I. Have. A. Dream! What’s Your Dream?

Stephens Bock was an average guy from Sydney with nothing really special other than a dream. To climb Mt Everest. Watch these 2 videos and reflect on what’s possible in your life if you stop listening to others, to your own self talk, to logic and just incisively dream about your dream.

If money was no option, if you had all the time in the world.

What would you be doing?

Once you come up with what it is you really would like to do, write it down daily and dream about it. Your subconscious mind amazingly has an in built mechanism that will find a away for you, draw the right people into your life at the right times and your destiny will be for filled.

5 years ago I had a dream. I dreamt of being an elite real estate agent, of being a principal, of using my teaching degree towards Real Estate training and Real estate coaching. I dreamt of enough money and time of having 10 weeks a year holidays, of not going to work if I didn’t want to. I dreamt of writing an award winning book, of setting up an Internet Marketing company selling information products on the world wide web, then helping other Real Estate agents with that skill in their Real Estate business to set up an automated lead generating system so they don’t have to spend countless hours contacting their database in search of leads. I dream’t that this Internet Marketing company would provide a passive income that required no more than 20 hours a week to manage so that if I ever got tired of Real Estate I could leave. So that I could put my time and energy into Real Estate because I loved it and the people in it. Not because it was my JOB. Of setting up a foundation large enough to write a $1million dollar cheque for the right cause.

I am now living this dream.

To the Stephen Bocks of this world who have followed their dream and helped inspire me to follow mine. I say thankyou :)

I hope you enjoy this weekends message and that something little inside you today is stirred for positive action. It was for me.

Quick Port Stephens Real Estate Wrap And Our Weekly Results

Sales In Progress

¼ Caledonia – exchanged 31/8/11 @ $500,000

1/48 Shoreline Dr  @ $330,000

14 Port Stephens Dr @ $720,000

12/26 Ajax Ave@$ 260,000

56a Saratoga Ave – exchanged 7/9/11 @ $435,000

3/3 Yacaaba – @ $260,000

New Listings

10 Dunmore Ave Anna Bay @ new Listing

Apartments 17 @ $439,000, 18 @ $390,000, 92 @ $439,000 @ mantra

1/195 Rocky Point Road @$ 299,000

5/14 Gretel Close @ $320,000

188 Soldiers Point Rd @ $699,000

2/30 Thurlow Ave @$585,000

27 Morna Point Rd @ $449,000

1/7 Navala Ave – Auction

And one Port Stephens property listed and then sold TODAY.

I’ll let you know soon where it was. Who said the Port Stephens property market was slow. Have a great weekend.

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