Port Stephens Property Marketing

Would you sell your property if you didn’t have to even put it on the market or advertise it?

Lets Face it, Marketing is about standing out. The more you stand out, the more traffic, the more traffic, the more chance you have of finding a premium paying customer. Never has marketing been so important. With a plethora of products and services demanding your attention,  life is speeding up.

There are some deadly mistakes people make when they choose to sell in Port Stephens that literally kills any opporunity of making a premium sale.

Bottled water is a great example of adding value through marketing. We have taken a Free commodity and through brand awarness and other Marketing strategies we have added value and people are now prepared to pay for something they can essentially get for Free.

Real Estate Marketing works the same way. There are some very powerful, yet little known, and extremly cost effective strategies that can save you your precious time and valuable money when you choose to sell your property in Port Stephens including not paying a cent on advertising. Would you sell your property if you didn’t have to even put it on the market or advertise it? Did you realise Chris Hasson sells many homes without even advertising them for sale with some of these little known strategies?

Invest in a Real Estate Agent that not only understands marketing, but is an expert because let’s face it, anyone can hammer in a sign and open the key to a home and show someone through a property.  It will be the best Real Estate investment you ever make. Marketing has a misconception of being expensive.

Chris deals with house sales in Port Stephens suburbs including Nelson Bay, Shoal Bay, Fingal Bay, Boat Harbour, Corlette, Anna Bay, Salamander Bay, Soldiers Point and with upwards of $50 million worth of sales per year, in price ranges from $200,000 to multi million dollar mansions, has the credentials and experience behind him to give you an edge when you choose to sell. It has been his innate understanding of cost effective marketing that has left a trail of totally satisfied clients.

Choose an agent who understands marketing and feel the difference.

Being A Great Real Estate Agent Is More Than Hard Work And Great Systems

The Real Estate industry is a tough but rewarding industry. While people look to buy logically, they usually buy emotionally. Real Estate Agents are dealing with an emotionally fueled industry. Higher and higher expectations from consumers means to be a great Real estate agent, not only do they need to have great systems, a solid work ethic and care about people but a deep desire to continue to grow as a person. As the quote from Emerson says “Who you are screams so loud I can’t hear a word you’re saying”

This a short inspiring video for agents to reflect.

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