Real Estate Tattoo: Port Stephens First Real Estate WebTV

Port Stephens First Real Estate WebTV

by admin on September 9, 2012

Chris Hasson Hosts Port Stephens First WebTV.

Real Estate Tattoo:  A Regular WebTV show that covers all the Ink on Port Stephens Real Estate.

It’s a bit rusty, and speaking in front of a camera is not easy but I would like you to help produce the show.
That is give feedback(good and bad) and shape it so it does become interesting and informative over time.
I’m starting out needing any photographers who have Port Stephens Location shots that are mysterious and hard to work out exactly where it is taken.
If  you could email me photos to use on the show
If  you have a photography business you will get credit and the show goes to over 30,000 people through my lists and social media so it is good exposure for your work.
Secondly, I need locals(lots of different characters from all walks of life) to volunteer to a quick 5 minute interview about what specifically what they do and what they like about Port Stephens at the location they
live in.
This is to help sell the lifestyle of the area.
Segments include:
  • New Properties To The Market
  • Sold Properties
  • News
  • Mystery Spot
  • Locals Only
  • Location of the Week
Its aim is have a little bit of fun and make Real Estate a little more interesting but also to be informative and help empower people should they decide to think about making some Real Estate decisions in the Port Stephens area.
We do aim to improve the show over time using the social media and your feedback so please, give your opinion. Although no trolls allowed. We have the technology to name and shame you…

All the data for properties new to the market and sold will put below over the coming week

Chris Hasson hosts Port Stephens First real estate WebTV


Port Stephens WebTV: Episode 1

by admin on September 3, 2012

This My New Weekly Real Estate Show:


All The Ink On Port Stephens Real Estate: Episode 1

Chris Hassons New Weekly Show Real Estate Tattoo

The market is starting to really pick up. Supply is down 36% and demand is up 7%.

Properties that we have sold unconditionally this week are:

  • *21A Seagrass Ave Corlette 3 bed duplex $550,000
  • *1/111 Port Stephens Drive, Salamander Bay 2 bedroom $245,000
  • *3 Casurina Close One Mile Beach 4 Bedroom 1/2 acre $765,000
  • *6 Lantry Close Anna Bay, 4 bedroom41 Corrie Pde $419,000
  • *41 Corrie Pde Corlette 3 bed $350,000
  • *8/6 Thurlow Avenue 2 bed unit $236,000

Properties I have just listed this week are:

  • * 8 Echo Beach Road One Mile 5 bed luxury home with pool

$700,000-$850,000 range

  • * 44 pacific ave Anna Bay 4 bed 1950′s renovated

$370,000-$450,000 range

  • * 12 Scott Circuit Level Land with water views


  • * 112 Soldiers Point Road Soldiers Point single level 4 bed

$390,000-$440,000 range

  • * 2/2 The Jib Salamander Bay 2 bed

$299,000Ill be doing Video Sneak Peeks on All these at My Facebook business page:

Properties I have offers on but not exchanged:

  • * ?????? $1,150,000
  • * ?????? $850,000
  • * ?????? $620,000
  • * ?????? $573,000

We have a lot of buyers in the $200,000 to $550,000 range. If you have someone in that range thinking of selling. They can get in touch with me at 0402348080 or through my website