“5 Vital Keys To Selling 15 Properties Revealed”

“Port Stephens Property Quote Of The Day: Ever wish that your family knew how much they really mean to you and how much you need them? Go ahead and tell them, then go forward and show them.” Maria Fontaine

A Port Stephens property takes on average 150 days under normal circumstances to sell. But why so long when the longer you stay on the market past 5 weeks, the less your property is worth?

The answer is that agents often sign up a property and wait for the results to come to them rather than going after the results for their client.

Because there is no urgency from the agent, the owner is given a message to also sit back and relax and just wait.

This is costing you money.

The fact remains, if the agent is selling alot of properties, he is also dealing with alot of buyers.

If he is dealing with lots of buyers that means more opportunity for you.

It’s not easy to sell 15 properties in just over a month.

There are 5 hidden but vital keys to this type of success in Real Estate. I will give two today. Stay tuned for the rest.

You need the properties to sell and owners that are realistic about their price.

The best referral is from a friend. Most of my business comes from friends.

You see, people don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care and the glue that binds the Real Estate industry together is trust.

So how is trust formed and how do you show people you care in business, because lets face it, people aren’t hiring a Real Estate agent to be friends.

They want their house sold for a great price.

The way you show you care and build trust with friends and business clients is regular contact and lots of questions.

Think about it.

Who are the friends that you really trust and believe they have your back.

That’s right, the ones that ring or make an effort to see you regularly, and put more emphasis on you than themselves.

I here it a lot from owners ringing me who are with other agents asking for advice on what to do when their house hasn’t sold.

They never hear from their agent. I have a friend who is one of the leading mortage brokers in the area.

Coincidently I have just sold her house. I have often tuned in to her Facebook page to see what she is up to(as you do :)

What I discovered initially was that she had this incredibly large amount of comments in most of her posts, sometimes upwards of 40 comments or more.

I thought to my self, wow! how does she get that incredible engagement. She regularly contacted and commented on hundreds of other peoples post and guess what? Yes, they reciprocate, because she shows that she cares.

Hidden but Vital Key 1:  The Law Of ReciprocityI get lots of listings by ringing my clients regularly, by ringing my friends regularly and by finding out what they really want and helping them get that with all my knowledge and resources available.

Put simply I am always attempting to do more than is expected.

I have the energy.

Energy is movement and you move lots in business because your passionate.

I have developed a formula that suits my self that keeps me energized.

Would you like more energy?

This formula comes from probably the leading researcher in human mechanics in the world, and that’s Tony Robbins.

This is the formula:

If you see your body like a racing car and the food and drink is the racing fuel.

Your car needs fuel to win the race, and the race is not going to be won with dirty fuel, or poor quality fuel.

The engine in the car needs to be tuned and generally a lot of people spend a lot of time, each with their own expertise in preparing the car.

The racing car driver can’t get the speed and go the distance without help from the right people.

Now lets use this metaphor for how to get more energy.

Firstly, lets look at the fuel. Lots of water each day(2 litres or 8 glasses).

Secondly, your body has an acid alkaline balance.

Viruses can’t live in a high alkaline environment and thrive in a high acidic environment.

2 factors effect the acidity of your body. One the food you eat, secondly, the emotional state your in.

A negative emotional state will increase the acid level in your body by as much as 4x. I drink one high alkaline drink as soon as I get up and I eat a large portion of high alkaline foods.

This means I am naturally experiencing through proven and tested food science the energy rush of 2 Red Bulls without the negative side effects.

Secondly, I keep in a good regular emotional state by doing the following:

  • I keep a healthy balance between, family, work, friends and my own time like surfing etc.
  • I have posted a video of part of our recent family trip to show you I practise what I preach and have found that in business, it is important to take 8 weeks a year holiday. Why?

Because when is the time you are the most effective in your work?

Just before you go away. So I aim at always having regular finishing lines that I am working towards.

  • I keep the company of extremely positive and supportive people.

The best decision I made was to disassociate my self with friends and even work colleges who were negative, cynical, judgemental or critical.

I found the more success you achieve, the more people come out of the wood work in trying to pull you down.

You can’t sour like an eagle if you are going to waddle around with the geese.

  • I also write down my goals and review them(writing them down is the key).

I have a client I went for a walk with to the top of Tomaree.

He told me, while I should have stretch goals I need to focus on more short term goals. He was spot on.

  • And finally, I have a belief system and a purpose in what I do(if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything) and I use prayer and mediation to stay focussed on my purpose. I love this quote “There is nothing more dangerous than acquiring knowledge without purpose” Anon

Now Lets look at the racing car(your body).

Early to bed and early to rise has been proven to give you more energy. Exercise in the morning as apposed to the afternoon speeds up the metabolism a lot more.

My aim is to be up by 5:30am with half an hour of cardio before the day begins.

If all else fails, that is important as the better your heart is pumping blood around the body, the more energy you are going to feel.

Now remember the analogy about all the expert team people helping the racing car driver with his car.

You need people who can help you.

Hidden but Vital Key 2: “Sustain high levels of energy

Stay tuned for 3 More Vital Keys that helped me sell 15 properties in over a month. Do you want your property sold. If so, or you just want to discuss selling CLICK HERE