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It was the day of the domino effect. Pamela has just sold her home at 7 Plimsol and moving up to the country to be with her family and John and Lorraine have just sold their piece Nelson Bay Real Estate appartment in Donald St and looking for a single level home. The stress of houses is settling on the same day can sometimes be an overwhelming experience but David Vinell and Steve Parrott Solicitors worked well together to make the owner and sellers transition seamless. Good luck guys and I hope the next chapter in your life is full of good memories.

On a more personal note I want to say congratulations Olivia on a certificate of excellence at your first year of school. We are proud of you. Until next time, this is Chris Hasson, have a great day.


Port Stephens Real Estate Agents work hard in their Nelson Bay Real Estate offices, especially with the market so bouyant, and I have found regular 2 and 3 day trips and 8 weeks a year holiday in total is the main way to continue servicing people at high levels while keeping a healthy balance between work in the Port Stephens property industry and family life. These are some of the many quotes that I constantly reflect on in the business of this ever increasingly hectic life:

“The definition of stupidity is to do the same thing over and over while expecting a different result” Einstein

“There is nothing so useless as doing effeciently, that which should not be done at all” Peter Drucker

And “Every experience is designed to make you stronger and the stronger you come the more you can help people and the more you help people, the clearer a vision of your purpose in life” Chris Hasson

Tori’s Parents have just arrived from England and we decided to  Bless them with a stay in the historic Light House Keepers Cottage at Seal Rocks. This is a movie of the highlights from the last couple of days away.

Click Here For Video Of Chris Hasson And His Escape From The Port Stephens Real Estate Grind With His Family


Have You Ever Wondered What Really Is A Successful  Port Stephens Real Estate Negotiation? If you are a buyer, it is probably that you got a bargain, or of you are an owner that you got an absolutely fantastic price. In many cases that is a win/lose scenario.

Just Sold 5/43 Shoal Bay Rd for $310,000. It was a little 2 bedroom across the Road from the beach at Shoal bay with filtered Water Views. I have also just Sold 200 Salamander Way Across from the swimming pool for $680,000. It is a single level 20 year 4 bedroom old home with pool and shed on 25002 and side access. Another property sold recently In Port Stephens by myself was 7 Plimsol Cl Salamander Bay and 1/26 Government Rd, Nelson Bay. The Owner of the property at Plimsol was worried about the pending shopping centre behind with the owner of 1/26 Government Rd nelson Bay, with some major health issues and needing a single level property, fast! We put the Government Rd on the market, worked hard in marketing and in two weeks had found an owner who bought it without seeing it and they were able to negotiate a sale on Plimsol. WIN/WIN!. It’s great to see two really happy people at the end of a negotiation. Stay tuned for Video testiminials from both Port Stephens Owners.

In the mean time enjoy this movie I put  together for the sale of a property I just Listed on Goverment Rd Nelson. Nelson Bay Real Estate For Sale appears to be very popular at moment. This is Chris Hasson, have great day!


I Just Listed 106 Wallawa Rd to go Auction. It is on over 1000m2 with private bush behind and 6 bedrooms. Looking at offers over $600,000

I have Just Listed This cool Town house for $440,000 for an URGENT SALE


I have just listed 39 Ullora For an Auction For an Urgent sale. Around $500,000….Bargain 5 bedrooms

Stay Tuned for some more SOLD properties In Nelson Bay, Shoal Bay and Port Stephens Area.